Hello React World

There’s been a lot of growth and interest in the use of the React JavaScript UI library. Not only created and used by Facebook but also includes some big name adopters, like the UK BBC website rebuild project.

The react site itself has a very good getting started tutorial but I also found a few quality blogs that were useful for getting quick overviews and a better understanding.

  • React Getting Started Tutorial
    The official guide is comprehensive and very professionally finished.  You might want to start with some of the other light weight tutorials if you just want a quick overview.
  • Learn React Videos
    Very short (2 minutes each) videos of React basics.  Fastest way to get a feel for the library without reading through a lot of text.
  • ReactJS Tutorial
    Tyler McGinnis provides a great step by step tutorial in this first of several guides.  I worked my way through these for my ReactJS refresh session and found it very useful.
  • Getting Started with React
    Ryan Clark’s nice little dropdown menu system using ReactJS.  Takes you through the steps and shows a slightly more complex real world UI solution.
  • D3 and React for Charting
    A little out of date and I only managed to get the first chart sample to work (after updating the __owner__ to _owner) but still gives you an idea of how to mix these two libraries.

I put a few static pages together using some of the tutorials above, you can find them under my research-html project on GitHub.

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