OpenCypher will bring the Graph Database into mainstream

If you haven’t yet read about Graph Databases you really should.  While many traditional and newer ‘NoSQL’ databases provide a lot of brawn, Graph databases really are the brains of the database world.  OpenCypher, recently announced by Neo Technology, is a query language for graph databases.  It will bring Graph Databases into mainstream.


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Graph databases have been around for a long time.  They’re not new.  However, it’s only in recent years this great technology has been made accessible to the masses.  A clear market leader in Graph databases is Neo Technology with their Neo4j solution.

A few years ago Neo Technology invented their ‘Cypher’ query language.  At the time the industry standard was a query language called Gremlin.  With Gremlin, you define the exact graph traversal pattern (or your own algorithms) whereas in Cypher the engine tries to find the best traversing solution itself.  Cypher is far more natural, as you declare what data and relationships you want to match, not how you traverse and find those matches.

The one issue with the Cypher query language was its proprietary nature.  The ‘vendor lock-in’ issue.  The move by Neo Technology to create a consortium based OpenCypher query language, backed by many other players in the Graph Database space, is a very smart move.  Far from giving away the crown jewels I think Neo Technology will see the rise of the Graph Database into mainstream.

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With vendor lock-in issue removed other Graph Databases can benefit from the natural and productive OpenCypher query language.  Just as SQL did not harm Oracle or any other vendor in the relational database space, so too OpenCypher will see the rise of the Graph Database into mainstream.  All will benefit and all will come to know Neo Technology as the ‘brains behind the brains’ of the database world.

The development of Cypher into a mature and proven declarative query language will ensure OpenCypher hits the ground running.  It was necessary to develop both Cypher and the Graph Database market to the level of maturity we see today.  Now the real fun begins!

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