Hello React World

There’s been a lot of growth and interest in the use of the React JavaScript UI library. Not only created and used by Facebook but also includes some big name adopters, like the UK BBC website rebuild project.

The react site itself has a very good getting started tutorial but I also found a few quality blogs that were useful for getting quick overviews and a better understanding.

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CQL with Cassandra Driver for NodeJS

I’ve recently been trying to carve out some time to learn JavaScript and Node.  My background is firmly in the classroom of Java and the Enterprise, with recent years focused on NoSQL technology.  Having finally decided to go and see what all the noise in the playground of JavaScript is all about I decided to share some sample code using the DataStax Cassandra driver for NodeJS.  Here is what I learnt.

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Technical Interviews

Since I started my career over 20 years ago I’ve seen a steady increase in the use of technical tests during the interview process.

While these exercises have some value there are a lot of testing techniques that do nothing but stroke the ego of the interviewer.  These tests can produce judgements based on unrealistic or irrelevant scenarios.

I’m careful to watch for ego driven test exercises and ensure my team remember to leave their egos outside the room!

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